Winners announced - Find out how our winners reacted to finding out they just won $23K!

Last month, we ran a life-changing competition giving renters the chance to win their rent for a year with 2 lucky winners taking away $23,400 in cash!

This competition was intended to help boost first home buyers deposits and assist in getting them into their first home sooner. Our mission here at StartPoint.

The winners were announced live on Facebook on Friday June 4th and we spoke to them over the phone to deliver the exciting news.

Here's how their days went:

“OMG! What the heck?”

Featured: Tim and Angie, VIC

It had been an average day at university for Brunswick based Angie, before she tuned into the Facebook live to find out who would walk away with $23k. She wasn’t looking forward to the weekend as Melbourne’s fourth lockdown had just been announced and any future plans were cancelled. But the weekend got a whole lot better when she received the news that she was the winner of this year’s Win Your Rent competition!

Angie and her partner rent an apartment together in Brunswick and have been trying to save for a house deposit. When they get older and start a family they want to move to a house in regional Victoria where her partner is from. They are currently renting and have found it difficult to get into the property market as their preferred location in Brunswick is out of reach.

We see a lot here at Start Point, saving massive deposits whilst being caught up in rent is really tough. That’s why we partner with industry professionals who unlock different ways to help buyers build a home. We also collaborate with several land developers nationally to source the best blocks and partner with finance professionals locally to help customers secure their home loan.

As the search for affordable housing continues, we’re so happy that we could give some well deserving Australian’s buyers a head start on their house deposit. We love nothing more than seeing first home buyers get into their own home.

When asked what was first on the shopping list for Angie and her winnings she claimed she was going to be responsible with the money, place it in a savings account and put it towards a deposit when she and her partner are ready to buy. Smart choice!

“Disbelief.. Relief. Blessed.”

Featured: Ashley, QLD

Excitement was in the air when our Queensland winner was announced. Homeschool parent and tutor, Ashley, had a very busy day trying to complete errands before heading into the city to watch the Luminous Lantern Parade with her husband and two children.

As Ashley was informed of the life changing news, she thought to herself that it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s been a difficult year for everyone and the global pandemic has challenged many in different ways. For Ashley, rental property shortages have reached a new high, rent has soared and it has become more expensive to continue to live in the area where she grew up. Her family also owns a dog and two guinea pigs, Snuggles and Spikey, so searching for the perfect home for the whole family to live in comfortably isn’t easy.

Featured: Ashley's Family, QLD

At Start Point Homes we’re passionate about helping home buyers break the rent cycle and start owning their home, a dream that Ashley and many others in the market would like to achieve.

Our sole purpose at Start Point is to give home buyers a helping hand to get a foot on the property ladder. The challenge of housing affordability and securing finance is a growing challenge and our aim is to help unravel the jargon, communicate simply and enable home buyers to make their goal of owning a new home possible.

We’re excited to share this news with Ashley and to see how the $23k prize will change her life.

Congratulations to Angie and Ashley and thank you to everyone who entered the competition and tuned in on the day. Stay tuned for more competitions just like this one and you could be the next winner!

Start Point is all about starting the journey to owning your own home. Do you want to know more about how we can help you get into your first home? Speak to one of our helpful consultants today!

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