Transform your garden on a shoestring budget

Giving your garden a makeover doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are plenty of easy and inexpensive ways to completely transform it. All you really need to spend is a bit of time and effort to create a beautiful, relaxing, outdoor space your friends and family will enjoy.

1. Planting

Transform you garden instantly by introducing some plants. Start with some flowers for a burst of colour in your garden beds. There are also plenty of plant species with vibrant colourful leaves. Succulents can grow anywhere and there are many species that produce beautiful flowers. You could even scatter some coloured pebbles around as mulch for your soil.

2. Painting

You can really make your garden pop with just a lick of paint. You can paint fences and turn them into a great backdrop for your plants. Brighten up plant pots or give old garden furniture a new lease of life with a coat of cheery paint. If your shed is a bit of an eyesore, a few touch ups can make it more eye-catching. It won’t cost that much but will make a big difference.

3. Create a walkway

Add a touch of class to your front and backyard with a walkway. Whether you use pavers, bricks, stones, or gravel, it’s an easy and affordable project that won’t take long to complete. It’ll also make your outdoor area look more organised and provide clear, safe pathways.

4. Shaping your lawn

If your lawn is looking pretty ordinary, you can give it an upgrade by simply cutting it into a clearly defined shape. Whether it’s a square, circle, oval or oblong, you just mark out the shape you want with some string and then use a spade to cut away the excess grass. It won’t cost you a cent and shouldn’t take more than an hour.

5. Raised garden bed

A really simple way to bring your backyard to life is with a raised garden bed. It’ll improve the look of your outdoors and won’t break the bank. It’s a great way to grow plants and flowers or you can use it to start a vegetable garden. All you need is some timber, a few basic tools, and a bit of elbow grease.

6. Make your own garden furniture

Buying outdoor furniture can be expensive. Recycling old materials and turning them into garden furniture is much more cost-effective. You could find some old wooden planks to build a bench or picnic table, turn logs into garden chairs, re-purpose tyres to make a table, or make your own hammock. With a bit of imagination, anything can be furniture.

7. Solar outdoor lighting

Introducing lights to your garden is a low cost way to set the mood and create a bit of ambience. There are plenty of solar options available, which will save you money on power bills. Arrange fairy lights through your trees, attach them to your fences, or hang them from your pergola. Install solar path lights to illuminate your front yard and add a bit of curb appeal. Alternatively, you can make your own energy efficient lights using candles in jars for a soft warm glow. The possibilities are endless.

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