How to host a housewarming party on a budget

A housewarming party is a great way to celebrate moving into your new home, especially if it’s your first. But, moving is expensive and your bank account has probably taken a hit. It doesn’t matter because a great party shouldn’t cost you the earth. With a little budgeting and a bit of imagination, you can still make your housewarming one to remember.

1. Set a budget

Work out how much money you have to spend and then what you feel comfortable spending. It’s natural to think big, but sometimes working within a limited budget forces you to be more creative. Once you’ve settled on a budget, stick to it.

2. Take your time

After an exhausting and expensive move, it’s a good idea to wait a few months for you and your finances to recover before setting a date for your housewarming. Make it something to look forward to.

3. Keep it realistic

It’s okay to start with big plans, but be prepared to whittle them down to something more achievable. There aren’t too many first home owners who can afford to throw a shindig like in The Great Gatsby, so don’t feel like you have to. Your friends just want to hang with you in your brand new place.

4. Only invite close friends

If you want to save money, you’re better off keeping the guest list to your closest friends and relatives. It will make your night more manageable, plus you won’t have to spend as much on food and drinks.

5. Facebook is your friend

Why waste money mailing out invitations when you can do it for free. Just send your invites via Facebook or even a group text will do. Make sure you set an RSVP date so you know exactly how many people are coming.

6. Go two dollar shopping

There’s no need to waste money on expensive decorations or party supplies. There are plenty of two dollar shops around that sell cheaper alternatives, which are just as good. But, think about what you really need because it all adds up very quickly.

7. Food for thought

You don’t have to cook anything elaborate. Just keep it simple. Finger foods, like chips and dips don’t cost much, while ordering in pizza is always a winner. If the weather is good, maybe just throw a BBQ. You could even ask your guests to each bring a plate of food over to share with everyone.

8. BYO

Alcohol is expensive and it’s hard to know what different people want to drink. You can offer a few simple beer and wine options, but also encourage your guests to bring their own. They won’t mind, in fact they probably would have brought something over anyway. Just buy a few bags of ice and fill up your bath or sink to keep the drinks cold.

9. Low budget lighting

Ambient lighting is a great way to set the mood for your party. There are plenty of cheap options, like fairy lights, which you can hang in your trees or attach to your pergola. You could even make your own lanterns by putting some tea lights in jars and strategically placing them around your space to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

10. Be your own DJ

There’s nothing like great music to keep the party pumping. It won’t cost you anything to put together a few of your favourite tracks, except a bit of time, but that’s the fun part. Make your playlist long enough to last through the night and try to choose music you know everyone will like.

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