6 tips to help settle pets into your new home

Moving homes is one of the most stressful things we can do in life. However, it can take a bigger toll on our pets. Cats and dogs are territorial by nature and prefer the familiar. With a new house comes new smells, new surrounds, and new neighbours. It can be pretty overwhelming for pets and cause them anxiety and stress. However, there are some simple things you can do to help them relax and adjust to their new home.

1. Keep calm

Pets pick up on the emotions of their owners better than we think. So, as you start to settle in, be aware of how you act in front of them. If you appear stressed then it will only add to theirs. Being relaxed in their presence will reassure them that everything is okay.

2. Stick around

The first few days after you’ve moved in are probably the most difficult for your pets. They’re not sure what’s going on, so being around you will give them some comfort, and let them know that you’re still there to take care of them. If you do have to go out, try and make it quick to reduce any separation anxiety.

3. Love and affection

It’s important to still give your pets the same attention they’re accustomed to. Pats and cuddles go a long way to making your pets feel safe, especially when their stress levels are up. You might even throw in a few extra just to remind them that you’ve always got their back.

4. Establish a routine

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit and don’t like any disruption to their routine. But, if this is completely turned upside down by moving into a new home, then it can be really upsetting for them. Try to maintain usual walking, grooming, feeding and sleeping times, so that their new environment starts to feel more familiar.

5. Bring their stuff

It’s a good idea to grab all your pet’s favourite things and place them around the house. The stuff they’re used to and recognise as their own will make them feel more at home. Whether it’s their bed, feeding bowl, chew toy, teddy bear or ball, having them nearby will help put your pet at ease.

6. Be patient

You want your pet to settle in as quickly as possible, so it’s only natural to get upset if they don’t. Remember that your pet relies on you for emotional support. If they feel like you’re annoyed with them, then it’s only going to make things worse. However, a little patience and understanding will go a long way towards them getting over their fears.

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