6 tips for getting your rental bond back

If you’re ready to move out of your rental property, then you’re probably also looking forward to getting your bond back. However, landlords are well within their rights to keep some or all of that money if you don’t hold up your end of the rental agreement. To ensure you get the full amount back, there are a few things you must do first.

1. Give proper notice

It’s important to notify your agent or landlord in writing that you intend to move out. You have to give 14 to 28 days’ notice for a fixed tenancy agreement, even if you plan to move out on the last day of the lease. If you don’t have a fixed tenancy agreement, you must give at least 28 days’ notice. There are also rules you must follow if you intend to break a lease early.

2. Clean up early

As a tenant, you agree to leave the premises in the same condition and cleanliness as when you first moved in. Read the original condition report you signed and compare it with the current state of the property. Invest in some cleaning products and clean what needs to be cleaned properly. But, don’t leave it to the last minute because there’s every chance you’ll miss a spot. If you don’t have time to clean, hire a professional bond cleaner instead.

3. Damage control

Your landlord doesn’t have to pay for any damages you caused. Some things are not your responsibility like faded curtains, peeling paint, and cracks in plaster, which fall under expected wear and tear. However, you do need to repair things like carpet burns, floor stains, and holes in walls, or your landlord will use your bond to do it.

4. Pay what you owe

Before you leave any property, you should check that you’re up to date with all your rental payments, especially the final one. If you aren’t, then make sure you pay up. Otherwise, it will definitely be deducted from your bond.

5. Return all keys

When you first moved in, you would have been given a number of keys to the property. Make sure you return the same amount to your agent or landlord. The cost of replacing any missing keys comes out of your bond, and is usually higher than what you’d pay for getting new ones cut. It’s also a good idea to hand over any spare sets you might have cut during your tenancy as a sign of goodwill.

6. Attend final inspection

When you agree on a final inspection date with your landlord, make sure you attend. That way, you can both sign off on the condition report or resolve any issues right there and then. If you can’t be there, organise a friend to attend on your behalf. You should also take photos of the property’s condition as a record, just so you're covered.

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